We know how to work with limited economic,
technical, and human resources and still
ensuring the highest possible quality, thru
planning, shooting and finally editing and
mastering of the product.

The benefit for you as a customer, is that
you don't have to deal with several separate
suppliers. We can provide everything needed.

We have a large network of partners and
resources to draw from, to ensure the best
possible solution to your needs.

Fast and efficient services and package solutions.

For more detailed information,
take a look at our specific services.

   We are a community of professional filmmakers
   from Scandinavia, working together with many
   years of knowledge and experience in the field.

   Our business idea is based on cost effective and
   time efficient productions with high quality.

   With subsequent distribution deals in mind,
   we currently aim at producing several modern
   horror movies with themes rooted in our own
   Scandinavian culture, mythology and history.

   Our services also include co-producing or
   partnership in various projects or as a supplier
   of specific custom made products.

   Corporate productions
   Music videos
   Behind the scenes