"From the first frames of the dark, moonlit woods, its evident that DP Fredrik Hedberg has an eye
for the ethereal and when hes taking us into those woods, or even when hes studying objects in
the house, theres a classic voyeuristic framing that represents everything this critic loves about
cinema. For a picture that obviously cost very little, the imagery is rich and the shots lingering and
measured. (...) Jansson is very good as a physical presence and when shes on screen, you follow
her. Its not just her admitted physical perfection, its in her eyes, the way she tilts her head;
you believe this woman is afraid, believe she is sinking into a kind of madness." - Fangoria     

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"Chillingly atmospheric, MARA's icy grip will send shivers down your spine from first frame to last."
- Jim Wynorski, cult movie director

Its widescreen compositions of snowy landscapes and inventive interior camerawork persisting in
reminding us that these filmmakers have style coming out of their bottoms. (...) The pace is brisk,
the mystery element should keep audiences watching. - SexGoreMutants
"The mystery element is interesting, and I liked the films resolution. In the end, it delivered what I
thought was the simple twist Id cleverly predicted, and then whipped it out from under me,
delivering the coup de grace of summation in its own unique way, which capped everything quite
nicely in the final minute." - Bloody Disgusting

"A late twist in the story inches this film up a notch in my book, as it totally took me by surprise.
In the end, this possible descent into madness/possible slasher film/possible ghost story proved to
be mysterious and enigmatic enough to earn my recommendation. (...) with some clever story
decisions and some nice mood set in an angular house in the middle of the woods, MARA turned
out to be something pretty unique." - Ain't It Cool News